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about us


  • Project support
  • Rental
  • Sale
  • Lease
  • Temporary Use
  • Real estate development
  • Property valuation
  • Real estate furniture planning
  • Home staging
  • Real estate marketing
  • Developer support


Temporary use

We give your property LIFE. We think in different direction, think across and above all further or far ahead. We often hesitate because we are unable to see the right path, which does not have to be a disadvantage. On the contrary, we remain open to new experiences, opportunities and the chance to discover completely new ways: in the form of temporary use.
Successful temporary use can be diverse for the realization of a property: as a measure of local branding / to increase the awareness of objects in their pre-sale phase / to grow traffic in areas of real estate and location development / as a sponsoring measure



about us



Favoritenstrasse 34/10  

1040 Vienna

Phone: +43 1 503 11 46
E-Mail: office@wasserbauer.immobilien

Advice in German, English, Russian. Korean and in Swedish.

A description of the Wasserbauer team is close to a “Mission Impossible”. We are diverse, committed, happy and with passion in our core business – real estate. Ie. we have too much to write about the absolutely perfect description that actually describes approximate reality.

In short, you have to experience us to understand it. Different expertises meet, unique characters distinguish us and a comprehensive service portfolio, from the complete marketing concept, over the possibilities of the temporary use, the real estate agency up to the expert support of our project developers, complete the whole package. The passion for real estate is the big brace for our small, dynamic team.
We do not think so with 17 years of experience in the real estate industry or 33 year olds. Self-reliance to boast – our customers appreciate the team “Martina Wasserbauer Immobilien” and this is essential for us. Satisfied customers, fulfilled dreams and personal advice are our priority.